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APPLETON WISKE Educational Foundation

The Appleton Wiske Educational Foundation was formed in 1991. The trustees, who are appointed by North Yorkshire County Council, Appleton Wiske Parish Council, The Rountons Parish Council and Picton parish meeting, administer the foundations investments and can make grants and awards to young people under 25 years old who live in Appleton Wiske, East Rounton, Picton and West Rounton. The trustees can also make grants to Appleton Wiske Primary School for special purposes which are not the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council.

The full details of the rules under which the trustees are required to manage the trust can be found in the Trust Deed which is available on request.

The trustees normally meet once in each school term. Applications for grants and awards should be made to:

The Appleton Wiske Educational Foundation
33 Hunters Ride
Appleton Wiske
North Yorkshire


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